The Butchery is one of Our Superstore services that is frequently utilized by most of our customers within and out of our locality. Our Butchery supplies fresh and high quality Soft and Aged meat. As low as Ksh.100 you can have your piece of meat at our butchery. We offer special and most delicious parts of meat like T-Bone, Bristle, Chunk, Ribs, Sirloin, Liver, Bowels, Minced Meat etc. We supply fresh and quality meat to Hospitals, Schools, Organizations and other Institutions. Great service and hygiene is paramount at our Butchery. We’ve got modern equipment and techniques in meat keeping and cutting. We’ve got Meat Mincer Machine, Saw Meat Machine, Large Cold Room, Digital weighing  Machine and a very unique mode of meat packaging.

Rich in Proteins

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